SOOSUL cosmetic use the SangHwang mushroom(Phellinus Linteus) as a main component

Mushroom Effect

Restoration of health
by increasing immunity
The anti-tumor substances of Basidiomyces such as Sang-Hwang mushroom are mostly protein-bound polysac-charides and some basic proteins have been reported, but proteoglycans not only shows no toxic effects on normal cells, which is different from function to develop anti-cancer power, and it is thus used with the existing anti-cancer drugs for ideal treatment effects. A research team of Song Chi-hyeon, Nageong-su, Yang Byeong-gen, and Jeon Yong-jae reported in the paper of immune activation of SangHwang mushroom polysaccharides was 65.7% in natural Sang-Hwang mushroom and 63.9% in cultivated SangHwang mushroom, confirming excellent role of SangHwang mushroom to increase immunity in the body. It has been known that the unique characteristics of SangHwang mushroom are improving immune activation and showing strong anti-cancer action without adverse side effects.
Effects by research type Cancer treatment effect? Sang-hwang mushroom basically inhibits cancer and other complications. SangHwang mushroom is abundant in polysaccharides among plants, which transform organic substances into inorganic substances. Sang-Hwang mushroom improves physical strength, alleviates hangover, helps prevention and treatment of anemia and is effective in uterine bleeding and menstrual irregularity. It also activates gastrointestinal functions for good digestion and strong stomach.
Tumor inhibiton ratio 96.78% Sang-Hwang mushroom has excellent anti-cancer capacity among Basidiomyces, the strongest anti-cancer capacity with 96.7% tumor inhibition rate. Sang-Hwang mushroom is different from general anticancer chemotherapy and shows no toxic effects on normal cells and rather improves immune function to activate detoxification. A pharmacological effect of SangHwang mushroom includes improvement of immune function during the chemotherapy of stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, duodenal cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and liver cancer, and also improves uterine bleeding, colporrhagia, menstrual irregularity, and intestinal hemorrhage, and activates the functions of internal organs and detoxification. According to research data, mushrooms with excellent anticancer capacity among 17 Basidiomyces include Song-yi, Mat-beoseot, Pang-yi, and Pyogo mushrooms, among which Sang-Hwang mushroom has the highest tumor inhibition rate as 96.78%. Major ingredients for anticancer capacity have been known as protein-bound polysacchearides or polysaccharides and basic proteins, and such therapy produces the most ideal treatment effect when accompanied by the existing anti cancer drugs. (Mushroom Science/Gyohaksa/1998/authors/ Seong Jae-mo, Yu Yeong-bok, Cha Dong-ryeol) Recently, the research team of Prof. Jeong Gyeong-su at the College of Pharmacy, Chungnam national University reported some results of a clinical study to confirm the anti-cancer effects of Sang-Hwang mushroom and released the study around the world. The results showed that Sang-Hwang mushroom was first introduced for its anti-cancer effect in the 1970s and reported for its significant anti-cancer effect with 96.7% tumor inhibition rate. The medical circles have shown great interests in Sang-Hwang mushroom for its surprising anti-cancer effect but it was not known to general public because of its rarity. The active ingredient of SangHwang mushroom was extracted and tested for its direct killing of cancer cells and the result confirmed almost 100% of its effect, which confirmed the study result of 96.7% of cancer cell killing effects reported in a clinical experiment performed in Japan.
Main ingredients

1. Using Phellinus Linteus mushroom in organically grown [Certi.No. 16-04-3-05]

Sử dụng nấm P.Linteus trong nuôi trồng hữu cơ

2. More than 10 Korean traditional medicinal herbs

  • Ogyongsan


  • Squalane


  •  C. officinalis Extract

    C. officinalis Extract

  • C. sativus  Extract

    C. sativus Extract

  • P. sylvestris Extract

    P. sylvestris Extract

  • Allantoin


  • Arbutin


  • lecithin


  • M. alba Extract

    M. alba Extract

  • D. carota Extract

    D. carota Extract

3. Using Sang-Hwang NA-Pre [No chemical preservatives]

Preservative Name Name of INCI Efficacy
Sang-Hwang NA-Pre Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract Anti-septic, Anti-bacteria
Pulsatilla Koreana Extract Preservative
Usnea Barbata(Licehn) Extract Anti-septic, Antiphlogistics
Beauty esthetic effect
Anti-inflammatory / Anti-aging / Whitening / Skin regeneration & Moisturizing effect
Kết quả xét nghiệm y tế của nấm Thượng Hoàng Phellinus Linteus(Sang-Hwang)